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Aug 13

Aug 12

Aug 10

After a night of boozing and partying, Big Mama woke up in the kitchen in pasties and a pool of whiskey…AGAIN! She’s a horrible influence on Scout too. We can only hope that she cleans up her act in time for our tour with Tally Hall!

Aug 05

Jul 31

Jul 30

Jul 07

Hey friends,

If you’re situated in the middle of this great nation, we’ll see you before the month is over! On July 30th, we’re playing the Riversong Fest in Hutchinson, MN. It’s a great gathering put together with lots of love…so don’t miss it! Our friends the Mudbugs are playing on 7/29 so you gotta make a weekend of it. Tickets and info can be found at

And on our way back home, we’re stopping to see our Cleveland crew (in Elyria, OH) at Mike’s Barn!! This will be our first official hoedown so please join us for this historical event. The only thing that could possibly make this better is if there are baby animals there! Am I right, people? Got to Mike’s Barn to find out how you can get tickets (and baby animals).

Well, hey, I gotta go to Scotland and see a man about a kilt so…over and out!



Jun 14

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