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Mar 10

Hey everyone!

There’s less than a week until we head down to the land of ten gallon hats! Here are the shows we’re playing and the set times. Things can change up to the minute so check back for updates…we’ll see you there!

3.18.09 8 PM SXSW Brooklyn Invasion Party @ Hi-Lo (SOLO)
3.19.09 4:30 PM SXSW Hey Cole Party @ Soho Lounge (Full Band)
3.19.09 6 PM SXSW Thru Windows Inc and Canon Records @ Fado (Full Band)
3.20.09 12 PM SXSW BMI/Billboard Brunch @ the Four Seasons (Acoustic Band)- invite only

Mar 09

Mar 04

Feb 28

…outfit by yours truly and Eugenius.

Feb 27

When the temperature drops and the dough is running low, I have a snack that I can always count on. Granted, it’s not pretty, and it’s definitely not healthy, but it tastes DELICIOUS! And….it’s cheap! Hey, these are tough times, right?

Here’s what you need:

1 can of Campbell’s tomato soup

1 can of Campbell’s cheddar cheese soup

2 slices of bread to toast

Combine both cans of soup in a pot or microwave dish. Heat and mix well. Toast 2 pieces of bread (I like a think, whole grain bread). Spoon the mixture over the bread and eat!

It takes 5 minutes to make and it’s total comfort food! I have made this for all of my musician friends and it has become popular among starving artists. I’m not saying you should eat it every day, but everyone needs comfort food once in a while.

I hope Campbell’s send me free soup.


Feb 26

Feb 23

Hey shopaholics! My new web store is officially open for business. Everything is discounted, from tees to CDs. So click on the “Store” button at the top of the page and stimulate the economy!



Feb 18