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Apr 22

Apr 21

Make sure to pick up a copy of the Spring 2009 copy of the Deli Magazine this month and catch a look at who ranked in at #5!   Full article below!

Sass and Class by Nancy Chow

April Smith and the Great Picture Show brings it back to the old school basics, where the key is full female vocals supported by great instrumentation - not modern girls with digitized alien voices and trite lyrics.  But Smith doesn’t need to ride the coattails of the successful throwback trend to mesmerize listeners; this bird can croon and her band sure can swing.

With her varied, genre-leaping song structures, Smith falls somewhere in the cross-section between Duffy, Tom Waits, Amanda Palmer and the Andrew Sisters.  She flirts and manipulates jazz, rock and ’50s pop to create a nostalgic but undeniably contemporary mash.

Smith and her band’s entertaining theatrical sass and stage class stage a smoky, sexy cabaret show for the ear.  Her jazzy vocals swoop up and down with such grace and emotion that it entices bystanders to pull up a chair and stay for a spell.  One minute, the seductress will melt hearts with her gorgeous, unguarded ballads, but the next minute she will threaten to eat her victims in large consuming bites to a rollicking tune.  And with a rocking kazoo interspersed in some lively musical numbers, it’s guaranteed to be a good time.

Apr 20

Apr 18

Apr 17

Apr 17

Hey Everybody,

April 18th is Record Store Day! I know, it seems that these beloved places have been dying a slow death in the past decade. Especially those mom-and-pop shops with the history and character of a time long gone. So, in honor of these rare gems, let’s make a list of our favorite record shops. Maybe we’ll make that pilgrimage instead of downloading the next time we need music.

I’ll start us off…

Mainstreet Jukebox
606 Main St. Stroudsburg, PA

Vintage Vinyl
51 Lafayette Rd. Fords, NJ

Apr 16

Hey all,

The President was in Prague on April 5th to give his first speech in Europe. Luckily, we were able to get really close to him and get a few good photos! The speech was so moving and really made me feel proud to be an American for the first time in a while. Check out the photos below:

The Obamas!

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Apr 14

Did you know that my site is hosted by a green web hosting company called Host Papa? Did you happen to see the vintage hankies available at my merch table? I’m doing all kinds of things to promote a greener way of life. What are YOU doing to be “greener”? Leave a comment telling me how you’re doing your part to lessen your carbon footprint and I’ll send you a link to a FREE Download! It’s Mr. F’s marvelous mash up of Colors (original track produced by Dan Romer)! A mash up is kind of like recycling, isn’t it? Neato!
Here’s my tip…

As a musician, I burn a lot of promo CDs to hand out. What’s left behind but a spool and a clear plastic case? A nifty hat stand for your favorite cap!

Just take the clear plastic cylinder and cut a whole in the top, middle section as shown. Be careful with that craft knife! It helps if you can heat the knife over a candle, as it cuts through the plastic easier.

April Smith Hat Stand
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