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Jan 27

Like myself, many of you LOVE the Masterpiece Classics series, Downton Abbey. Well Scout is also a HUGE fan of the show and the gorgeous costumes. And since it’s raining like we’re in England today, she wanted to pay homage to her favorite show. What do you think of her take on Lady Mary Crawley? She really tried to do the acting with her eyes as the lovely Michelle Dockery does. So did she nail it? What other Downton Abbey characters would you like to see her play?

Jan 25

Hey all…I know many of you were watching One Tree Hill tonight! And they played “Colors” the whole way through - pretty neat, huh? To see all of the great bands featured on tonight’s episode, check out the show’s official music page : )

One Tree Hill Music

Jan 05

Happy New Year, everyone! I’m sorry it has taken me so long to post this, but here’s a new commercial by Lowe’s featuring “Colors”. How cute is that little girl at the end???

And I have to thank you all for the comments and tweets letting me know how excited you are about this spot and hearing the song on the radio!! It really means so much to me that you’re still enjoying and supporting the music! I love you guys!!


Nov 29

Hey folks,

The holiday season is upon us so what better reason to have a sale?!? In the next few weeks, you can get $3 off of your order in my WEBSTORE. Just enter the discount code “Holiday” during checkout!

Happy and healthy holidays to you all!



Oct 26

Back in August, when we played the Bowery Ballroom, I met a fabulous gal wearing the most amazing dress. The whole time I was on stage, I kept seeing her and her dress and thinking how much I loved it and her style. So I finally meet her after the show and we chat and chat…and she tells me it’s called the “April” dress! Major, MAJOR honor!

Then, I get this great email from her, showing me how she tailored the tee she bought that night. I am in awe! Check it out below!

I’m completely obsessed with this girl and her incredible talent! Do yourself a solid and visit Kristina’s blog, hello courage, and follow her on Twitter

You’re very, very welcome



Oct 12

Oct 11

Oct 07