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Jun 22

Check us out on Fearless Music TV this Saturday at 1:00 AM on Fox 5 (NYC).. and vote for us and they’ll play another song from our performance the following week!  Check here for other cities and to watch it in your area!

Jun 19

Jun 15

Check it out below!   Enjoy!

Jun 13

Jun 12
Last night, I ventured out into the damp night to catch Henry Wolfe at Coco 66 in Greenpoint.  I had been dying to see this fellow for some time and last night I was fortunate enough to get the chance.
Accompanied by a lone horn player and his guitar, Henry played a fine batch of songs from his latest release, Wolfe Sings Field.  Though his friend, Peter Field, penned the songs, Wolfe manages to deliver each one with honesty and care. Field’s witty vignettes-cum-songs compliment Wolfe’s earnest vocals perfectly, and vice versa.  Every song was a different story and Wolfe told them all as if they were his own. It’s incredibly refreshing to see a performer who knows who he is and isn’t afraid to let the audience see that person. The aloof hipster act is so stale and I was glad not to find it anywhere in sight last night. It was just Wolfe being Wolfe, and it was pretty spectacular.

If you haven’t checked out this skillful songster yet, now is the time. He’ll be playing Public Assembly tomorrow, Saturday June 13th, at 3 PM as part of the Northside Festival in Williamsburg. He will be accompanied by an orchestra, which I imagine will only  make the show even more magnificent. You may also want to pick up your very own copies of The Blue House and Wolfe Sings Field.  You’ll find Henry HERE!

Jun 02

May 23

May 22