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Dec 31

Dec 19

Dec 19

My band and I are gettin’ ready to go on the road with Langhorne Slim in January and February!! Check out the shows page & see if we’re coming to YOU!  We’ll be playing songs from my new album “Songs For A Sinking Ship” coming out on February 23rd which you can pre-order now in my webstore!

Dec 18

Well folks, I’ve been asked by many which tracks will be on the new album. First, I’d like to add that they are ALL NEW RECORDINGS of the songs, so even if you know them, you’ve never heard them sound THIS good. Dan Romer produced the album and we’re all really proud if it. So here they are…

1. Movie Loves A Screen
2. Terrible Things
3. Drop Dead Gorgeous
4. Can’t Say No
5. What’ll I Do?
6. Colors
7. Dixie Boy
8. The One That Got Away
9. Beloved
10. Wow and Flutter
11. Stop Wondering

Dec 13

I’m so freakin’ excited because tonight is the season finale of Dexter! Will Dexter get caught? Will Trinity live to kill again? Will Rita kiss another neighbor? Will Deb ever clean up her potty mouth? Will Vince’s laugh always be that goofy?? Is the character of the coffee truck guy going to be further developed?

WHO KNOWS???? Tune in to Showtime tonight for the answers….

Dec 10

Dec 07

Dec 07

Dear friends,

I’m super excited to announce that you can start pre-ordering my new album, Songs for a Sinking Ship, due out on February 23rd 2010! When you pre-order, you get a couple tracks to download to tide you over, plus one BONUS TRACK that won’t be on the album. You can hear the album version of “Colors” on my website and on my Myspace page now too.

Click HERE to order now and feel free to spread the word! You guys made it happen!