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Feb 01

It’s a proud day here at the Smith house! Scout has made the BBC News for her ravishing portrayal of the lovely Lady Mary of Downton Abbey! Last week, we had a rainy day dress up session and she completely knocked it out of the park.

For the full article, go here: BBC News - The US Cult of Downton Abbey

Jun 11

Scout turned her bed into a pirate ship & set sail for the kitchen. She plans to overtake the pantry & pillage for treats. SOS!

Apr 14

Did you know that my site is hosted by a green web hosting company called Host Papa? Did you happen to see the vintage hankies available at my merch table? I’m doing all kinds of things to promote a greener way of life. What are YOU doing to be “greener”? Leave a comment telling me how you’re doing your part to lessen your carbon footprint and I’ll send you a link to a FREE Download! It’s Mr. F’s marvelous mash up of Colors (original track produced by Dan Romer)! A mash up is kind of like recycling, isn’t it? Neato!
Here’s my tip…

As a musician, I burn a lot of promo CDs to hand out. What’s left behind but a spool and a clear plastic case? A nifty hat stand for your favorite cap!

Just take the clear plastic cylinder and cut a whole in the top, middle section as shown. Be careful with that craft knife! It helps if you can heat the knife over a candle, as it cuts through the plastic easier.

April Smith Hat Stand
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Feb 27

When the temperature drops and the dough is running low, I have a snack that I can always count on. Granted, it’s not pretty, and it’s definitely not healthy, but it tastes DELICIOUS! And….it’s cheap! Hey, these are tough times, right?

Here’s what you need:

1 can of Campbell’s tomato soup

1 can of Campbell’s cheddar cheese soup

2 slices of bread to toast

Combine both cans of soup in a pot or microwave dish. Heat and mix well. Toast 2 pieces of bread (I like a think, whole grain bread). Spoon the mixture over the bread and eat!

It takes 5 minutes to make and it’s total comfort food! I have made this for all of my musician friends and it has become popular among starving artists. I’m not saying you should eat it every day, but everyone needs comfort food once in a while.

I hope Campbell’s send me free soup.


Jan 06

Hey fancy people! 2009 is finally here. Shoot, it feels like 2008 was shot out of a cannon and lasted a minute! Alas, we are forced to reflect on the years passed and resolve to do things we may or may not do. So here goes!

I have a bunch of New Year’s Resolutions. I figure that having a bunch makes at least one or two more likely to happen. Here they are, in no particular order: Continue reading »

Dec 14

Bobble Bubbie

Bobble Bubbie

Bobble Mensch

Bobble Mensch

Dec 14

On tour with J.D. Souther…Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson caught my set and they bought BOTH CDs! It was unreal…They are both lovely people and Rita Wilson smells wonderful!!! And she’s soooooo pretty in person! Tom is super cool and quite handsome too. What a pair of genuinely amazing people!

The look on my face says "Can you believe I'm standing between Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks??!!". They are super cool.

The look on my face says "Can you believe I'm standing between Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks??!

Dec 13

On our way out of Texas, we decided to check out the famous “Cadillac Ranch”. It’s an art installation on route 40 West in Amarillo, Texas. We stayed with my good friend Mike and his wife Anne and son Max in Dallas and had the best time!
They all suggested that we stop there to break up the 11 hour drive to Santa Fe, New Mexico. We drove through some really desolate areas…some were even little ghost towns, complete with tumbleweeds (tumbleweeds be up in my grill!).
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