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Feb 01

It’s a proud day here at the Smith house! Scout has made the BBC News for her ravishing portrayal of the lovely Lady Mary of Downton Abbey! Last week, we had a rainy day dress up session and she completely knocked it out of the park.

For the full article, go here: BBC News - The US Cult of Downton Abbey

Oct 04

Check out our feature - via Cosmo Girl at

In general, the idea of being sandwiched in between Rihanna and Lady Gaga doesn’t sound too shabby. But, being sandwiched in between their respective albums on the iTunes charts, sounds even better. Well, that’s exactly how it went down for Jersey born songstress APRIL SMITH and her band April Smith and the Great Picture Show. Though still completely unsigned, April’s massive fan base rallied together and catapulted her latest release, Songs For A Sinking Ship, to number fourteen on the charts. Not only did she surpass signed artists at this chart position, but she surpassed household names as well.

For the full scoop, go to WWW.SEVENTEEN.COM

Sep 28

I thought so! Did I mention that the CD also features live, in-studio performances by the following artists (Handpicked by the honey-voiced Rita Houston, Music Director and just plain extraordinary gal)?

Brandi Carlile “Dreams”
Josh Ritter “Change Of Time”
Fanfarlo ” Comets”
Keane “Is It Any Wonder?”
Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings “Give It Back”
Ozomatli “45″
Corinne Bailey Rae “Closer”
Citizen Cope “Healing Hands”
Janis Ian “At Seventeen”
Cory Chisel “See It My Way”
Rosanne Cash “Long Black Veil”
Mumford & Sons “White Blank Page”
April Smith & The Great Picture Show “Wow And Flutter”
Raul Malo “Around The World”
Norah Jones “Young Blood”
Yeasayer “Madder Red”
One EskimO “UFO”
Jonsi “Boy Lilikoi”
Laura Marling “Rambling Man”
Charlotte Gainsbourg “Trick Pony”
The Heavy “How You Like Me Now”

All you have to do is become a member at WFUV.ORG!

Big ups to Long Island artist Ken Brockhoff, whose art is featured on the cover of the CD! WFUV sponsored a talent search with the online design community Creative Allies, and Ken’s art was chosen!

Go git it! GO! Here’s that link again! >

Sep 25

Well, aside from the fact that we all love Tony Danza…this NFL spot. We recorded a cover of “You Don’t Own Me” which is featured in the ad, along with the beautiful Alyssa Milano and her women’s wear clothing line, Touch! The track was produced by J Dynamite & Clay Holley for Truth & Soul Productions in Brooklyn. Those guys are incredible! Check it out and let us know what you think!


Aug 02

…fear not! NPR has got you covered! You can hear our set from the festival if you go HERE

And while you’re at it, why not make a donation to NPR for bringing you such fantastic programming?

Feb 26

April’s song “Colors” is featured as NPR’s Song of the Day! Check it out!

April Smith: Sunny Energy, Stage-Friendly Sauciness

April Smith was born to be an entertainer. A native of the New Jersey shore —though her old-timey sensibility wouldn’t fit in too well on an MTV reality show — she radiates sunny energy and stage-ready sauciness. Her powerful, lustrous voice is the rare kind that stands out among a thousand pop stars. Just ask her fans: When Smith put out a request for funds, they readily coughed up $13,000 to cover the production of her album, Songs for a Sinking Ship.

“Colors” is the buoy that floats to the top of the record: It’s an up-tempo jaunt that illustrates one side of a long-distance relationship, not lamenting the isolation but instead looking fixedly to the future. Both a plea for the separation to end and a promise to remain steadfast, “Colors” is at least as much a ballad of heartfelt yearning as it is a stomp-and-swagger jam. It depicts seaborne loyalty that recalls Penelope’s long and faithful wait for Odysseus; Smith’s spunk convinces listeners that, also like Penelope, she’s not helpless, but rather the rock of the relationship. “Like a lighthouse guides a shipwrecked sailor safely from the sea,” she sings, “I’ll wear your colors till you come back home to me.”

Feb 04

Back in August, April Smith and the band swung by the offices of and had a ton of fun laying down a few songs from their upcoming album. Check it out now at!

Feb 01

April and her band are featured in the as the #2 Artist to Watch in 2010!

April Smith & The Great Picture Show- The Folky Sass Pot

April Smith is a Jersey gal (not the Snooki kind) who now calls Brooklyn home — neither of which you would guess from her juke-joint cabaret sound.

Adorable, quirky and the owner of a voice that could cure depression, April makes the world a better place. Period. Her fan-funded album “Songs For A Sinking Ship” (out Feb. 23) plays out like a circus pop dream, each track as catchy as the next. Her single “Colors” will make your inner 5-year old start skipping along and maybe even piddle a little.