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Dec 11

Golly, what an honor! Amazon has chosen their Best of 2010 list and guess who’s on it??? I know it’s crazy, but it’s true! Like when you get caught between the moon and New York City. But in this case, the best that you can do is go here: Amazon’s Best of 2010

and then fall in love!

Nov 24

Happy Holidays, friends!

‘Tis the season for giving so I’m giving everyone FREE SHIPPING on Friday, November 26th! For 24 hours, you can order as much as you want and I’ll ship it FREE! You don’t even have to leave the house to get some great holiday presents. Someone has to guard the leftovers from Uncle Merle, right? Remember, it’s one day only so take advantage!

And starting Friday, November 26th until January 1st, 2011, “Songs For A Sinking Ship” CDs are 2 for $20. CD/Tee shirt combos are only $25 and we’ve got a brand new tee design that has been a hit so far! While you’re at it, have your gifts signed for an extra special touch. Your grandma will tell all of her friends how thoughtful you are!

Happy and healthy times to you all!


Nov 09

Tune in live 11/9 to catch April Smith and the Great Picture Show perform live from the Kennedy Center at 6pm at the The 13th Annual Mark Twain Prize for American Humor honoring Tina Fey!  Just go to and click on the right side!

Oct 29

Greg takes the subway. Larry plays the subway. Greg hears Larry covering April Smith. Greg says “I know April Smith”. Larry says “I heard April Smith on WFUV and she inspired me to write my own stuff”. Greg gets Larry’s cover on video and sends it to April Smith. April thinks this is the best compliment a girl could ever get. April wants to do a duet with Larry. Maybe Greg will get that on video too.

True Story


Oct 29

We’re playing in support of the OSA next Saturday, 11/6 at the Music Hall of Williamsburg! We’re opening for the Honey Brothers so get your tickets now…pretty sure this one is going to sell out!

Oct 23

The “Terrible Things” music video is now on YouTube…enjoy!


Oct 11

UK fans will recognize the mouth trumpet in this new Tesco ad for F & F clothing…so lovely!


Oct 04

Check out our feature - via Cosmo Girl at

In general, the idea of being sandwiched in between Rihanna and Lady Gaga doesn’t sound too shabby. But, being sandwiched in between their respective albums on the iTunes charts, sounds even better. Well, that’s exactly how it went down for Jersey born songstress APRIL SMITH and her band April Smith and the Great Picture Show. Though still completely unsigned, April’s massive fan base rallied together and catapulted her latest release, Songs For A Sinking Ship, to number fourteen on the charts. Not only did she surpass signed artists at this chart position, but she surpassed household names as well.

For the full scoop, go to WWW.SEVENTEEN.COM