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Feb 23

Well, my friends, the time has come and “Songs for a Sinking Ship” is finally available! You can order it from my store by clicking HERE or download it from iTunes by clicking HERE! We’re all really excited about the release so please tell all your friends…we appreciate you spreading the word!

I’d like to say thanks to you all for being so wonderfully supportive over the years! And a special thanks to my management, Kickstarter, and all the backers for making this album possible - WE DID IT!

For those of you in the New York area, please join us in celebration at the Album Premiere Show on March 10th at 6:30 PM at the Mercury Lounge in NYC.  We’re pulling out all of the stops so it certainly won’t be your average show. My friend, Henry Wolfe, is kicking off the night and you’re sure to love his music as much as we do!  Tickets are available HERE - See you there!


Feb 19

Hey mates,

It seems that folks are enjoying the album already! It’s been getting some great reviews and the artwork alone has been quite the topic…thanks to Matt Hoyle and Karen and Mike of Two Arms Inc! If you want to know what’s being discussed on the poopdeck, here are links to some of the recent chatter:

Eat Sleep Drink

Jan 04

Drumroll please……

I am delighted and extremely honored to tell you that world-famous photographer and artist extraordinaire Matt Hoyle is the genius behind the album art for “Songs for a Sinking Ship”! Matt took the boys and I back in time for this magnificent image! Then he called on the dynamic duo of Karen Goheen and Mike Tabie of Two Arms Inc to design the packing. Originally, I was going to wait until just before the release to show you all the cover art. But I can’t keep it from you any longer. So here it is!

Remember, you can pre-order the album now and get 2 preview tracks plus a bonus track that will not be on the album. Click HERE to order you copy!

To see more of Matt Hoyle’s work, go to

To see more work by Karen and Mike, go to and

Dec 18

Well folks, I’ve been asked by many which tracks will be on the new album. First, I’d like to add that they are ALL NEW RECORDINGS of the songs, so even if you know them, you’ve never heard them sound THIS good. Dan Romer produced the album and we’re all really proud if it. So here they are…

1. Movie Loves A Screen
2. Terrible Things
3. Drop Dead Gorgeous
4. Can’t Say No
5. What’ll I Do?
6. Colors
7. Dixie Boy
8. The One That Got Away
9. Beloved
10. Wow and Flutter
11. Stop Wondering

Dec 13

I’m so freakin’ excited because tonight is the season finale of Dexter! Will Dexter get caught? Will Trinity live to kill again? Will Rita kiss another neighbor? Will Deb ever clean up her potty mouth? Will Vince’s laugh always be that goofy?? Is the character of the coffee truck guy going to be further developed?

WHO KNOWS???? Tune in to Showtime tonight for the answers….

Dec 07

Dear friends,

I’m super excited to announce that you can start pre-ordering my new album, Songs for a Sinking Ship, due out on February 23rd 2010! When you pre-order, you get a couple tracks to download to tide you over, plus one BONUS TRACK that won’t be on the album. You can hear the album version of “Colors” on my website and on my Myspace page now too.

Click HERE to order now and feel free to spread the word! You guys made it happen!


Dec 05

Wow, guys! I’m pretty excited about this! The latest promo for Californication features my song “Terrible Things”. For those of you who watch the show and know Hank Moody, you know it’s a perfect fit. Check out the Terrible Things Hank has been up to in Season 3 of the show!

Warning: This promo is a bit racy and NOT appropriate for kids to watch.

Nov 22

Scheduled performances by:

The money from this show will go to Campaign For A National Health Plan (CNHPUSA) for radio, tv, and print adds to promote single-payer health plan, rental for spaces that hold town hall style meetings to raise awareness, and recruit more people to work towards making single-payer health care a reality.

CNHPUS needs all the help they can get in promoting single-payer, health care. There’s A LOT of money being spent on behalf greedy, insurance companies that want to promote scare tactics like ‘how the USA is in danger of becoming soviet russia, etc, etc. We need to tip the scales in favor of the majority of people who actually, really, need and want single-payer healthcare, and this is one great way to do it!