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5/8 Red Palace, D.C. show CANCELLED! Dancing with the Stars???
Nov 04

Hello my dear friends,

I hope you are all safe and well in the aftermath of this horrible disaster.

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. I’ve been enjoying being a new mom to little Emmet, aka “Bug” since late July. We were lucky to be minimally affected by the hurricane, but many we know were much less fortunate.

I know that many of you are without power, phones, food and shelter, and may not even see this message. But I figured I could at least post some ways to help hurricane victims, in the hopes that those who are connected can help get the info to those who need it.

Volunteer to help with NJ Cares, NY Cares, Long Island Volunteer Center, Serve Rhode Island or Boston Cares

Donate to Red Cross or give blood:

If you have access via internet, smartphone or phone, you can help victims apply for FEMA assistance here:

I’ll continue to post as I get info. I’ll be volunteering in my area and traveling to other areas as the gas situation gets better. In the mean time, if I can do ANYTHING to help ANYONE (contacting loved ones, connecting you to help, etc.) DON’T BE SHY…LET ME KNOW!
Be safe,

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