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Well, this is the last time I hire an assistant on Craigslist! Rumba Cafe - Columbus, OH - 04/12
Apr 10

It’s as easy as it sounds. Click the button. Send a tweet. Get the tune.


8 Responses to “Download “Colors” FREE for tweeting about our Tour!”

  1. Gabrielle C. Says:

    I love April Smith and the Great Picture Show

  2. bingwen huang fu Says:

    check out April smith!

  3. Chris Says:

    I love the song Colors its amazing… please play Cains Ballroom in Tulsa, OK… every young artist i’ve seen in that place has gone on to an amazing career…Bob Dylan to the Sex Pistols… PLEASE! Congrats also! :)

  4. dan Says:

    Cool Song!

  5. dan Says:

    april smith and the great picture show’s song “colors” is very well done.

  6. dan Says:

    colors is the greatest song ever

  7. charles Says:

    very nice song

  8. Brad Says:

    very nice song

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