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Did you hear “Colors” on One Tree Hill tonight? Scout makes the BBC News for her portrayal of Downton Abbey’s Lady Mary!
Jan 27

Like myself, many of you LOVE the Masterpiece Classics series, Downton Abbey. Well Scout is also a HUGE fan of the show and the gorgeous costumes. And since it’s raining like we’re in England today, she wanted to pay homage to her favorite show. What do you think of her take on Lady Mary Crawley? She really tried to do the acting with her eyes as the lovely Michelle Dockery does. So did she nail it? What other Downton Abbey characters would you like to see her play?

6 Responses to “Rainy day dress up with Scout - Downton Abbey theme”

  1. Rachel Says:

    The Dowager Countess, of course!

  2. April Says:

    I was thinking that too, Rachel! Ok, we’ll have to work on that this weekend : )

  3. Breanna Says:

    So friggin cute! Definitely try Dowager Countess. Maggie Smith is such a diva! And maybe Branson the driver? I can see Scout having an Irish brogue if she spoke.

  4. George Says:

    Yep…You nailed it, alright!

  5. Erica Says:

    def the Dowager Countess, she’s my fave! Or Sybil in her nurse’s uniform. Does Scout have a little flat-coated retriever in her? she has the fluffy feet for it. And the eyes!

  6. Kathy Says:

    Hi April, first caught your act at Newport two years ago and became a fan. Now I’m seeing for the first time photos of your Scout. She looks just like my dear Charlie who left for dog heaven several years ago at age 16. He started off with comma ears like Scout’s, then had a comma and an exclamation point for several years. His final years were two exclamation points.

    Anyway, I saw the vid where Scout was moving her bowl. If it were my Charlie I would be certain that he was trying to tell me he wanted to be vacuumed. He loved it when I would put the brush attachment on and vacuum him all over. Liked the hair dryer, too. I noticed a vacuum cleaner where Scout set her bowl down……

    Good things to you.

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