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Lowe’s “Sans Cans” spot featuring “Colors”! Rainy day dress up with Scout - Downton Abbey theme
Jan 25

Hey all…I know many of you were watching One Tree Hill tonight! And they played “Colors” the whole way through - pretty neat, huh? To see all of the great bands featured on tonight’s episode, check out the show’s official music page : )

One Tree Hill Music

3 Responses to “Did you hear “Colors” on One Tree Hill tonight?”

  1. Jaki Says:

    I DID!! I was so very excited to finally figured out who was behind this awesome song!! I had heard it on the Lowes commercial for weeks & researched it but couldn’t come up with the artist! I Love this group & their music!

  2. Lee Says:

    Didn’t catch it on One Tree Hill but, like Jaki, I first heard it on the Lowes paint commercial. Did a search on the lyrics of the chorus and turned up multiple versions by you on You Tube. Back in the “old days,” this is the kind of piece that would become the summer’s “feel good” song. I predict it’ll become a classic.

  3. Mike Says:

    Always found myself tapping my foot to the Lowes commercial. Then today I remembered I had Shazam on my smartphone and found out who you were. Then saw the you tube links of you guys singing this song. Then straight to amazon mp3 to buy your album. Love the song. Love the album. Haven’t been this impressed with a persons singing talent since I saw Adele and Florence and the Machine for the first time!

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