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Oct 26

Back in August, when we played the Bowery Ballroom, I met a fabulous gal wearing the most amazing dress. The whole time I was on stage, I kept seeing her and her dress and thinking how much I loved it and her style. So I finally meet her after the show and we chat and chat…and she tells me it’s called the “April” dress! Major, MAJOR honor!

Then, I get this great email from her, showing me how she tailored the tee she bought that night. I am in awe! Check it out below!

I’m completely obsessed with this girl and her incredible talent! Do yourself a solid and visit Kristina’s blog, hello courage, and follow her on Twitter

You’re very, very welcome



2 Responses to “Loving this tailored AS tee by Kristina Rivero!”

  1. Mautz & Tastaton Says:

    As we got this Shirt as well here in Switzerland it is simply - WOWW! :) VERY VERY nice work!!!! Followed! - This is a matter of honor :)

  2. tisha Hayes Says:

    Thanks for the one-up on Rina’s clothing styles. It is indeed quite refreshing (as your music is). We need regular injections of both into our consciousness. I hope you can leverage some of the exposure your music has given you into recording more. Don’t fall prey to the big labels. Keep indie in your heart!

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