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What???? Heading to the wild mid-west in July!
Jun 14

Click the giant button. Send a tweet. Get the song.
Everybody wins!


4 Responses to “Download “Colors” for FREE by paying with a tweet”

  1. Melissa Stamnes Says:

    Hey! Not sure if anyone else is having this problem, but I just tried this and my computer won’t let me play it! I’m getting a message saying that this computer is not authorized to play it because it was originally purchased by

  2. Diane Bianchi Says:

    Thanks so much for the free song! I saw you in Cincinnati in April and will see you in Pittsburgh in August. You are great!

  3. best auto insurance companies in florida Says:

    No way, that’s a complete sham but I see what you mean by it and i hope you had been just going for the overly dramatic.

  4. Friday Links Says:

    [...] New Releases: Craig Robertson’s new album (pay-what-you-like with all proceeds going to Amnesty International) featuring Bossarocker, The Bijou Toots and, on this track, me. Mr.B The Gentleman Rhymer’s O.G. Original Gentleman. The Vespers are giving away a free album. You can pick up April Smith’s rather fantastic Colors for the price of a tweet. [...]

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