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Feb 10

Hey chickens!

Put your dancing shoes on and listen to our version of Trey Songz’s “Bottoms Up”. Also, we’re available for bar and bat mitzvahs so hit us up.


6 Responses to “Our cover of Trey Songz’s “Bottoms Up” on Billboard”

  1. Tyler Dell Says:

    Is there any way that someone cand send me a downloadable version of your bottoms up redo, because there are just too many interuptions on the streaming version of it. It pauses every 5 seconds and drives me nuts. I love the way you do it and I would like this song

  2. InĂªs Says:

    Loved your cover! May I say, even better than the original?

  3. Tyler Dell Says:

    The more I check this band out, the way more impressed I get. I can’t believe ya’ll are not nationally known. This group has more originality and a higher quality of performance than half the big shots performing now.

  4. Lisa Says:

    Please release this song on itunes. I love it.

  5. Karen Says:

    I love this. Where can I get it?

  6. Holly Says:

    Please, please release this song-I LOVE IT!!!!!

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