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Jan 20

If you were watching American Idol last night, you might have heard a familiar voice…MINE! “Can’t Say No” was featured in last night’s episode while the lovely JLo showed everybody what a big ol’ softy she is. If you missed the big moment, or if you just want to forward the video to 500 friends and family members like my mom probably did, watch below:

2 Responses to ““Can’t Say No” featured in last night’s American Idol!”

  1. Buddy Mesker Says:

    I was watching! I heard it! Way to go April! Come back to CleveO real soon!

  2. Tyler Dell Says:

    I had never heard of you before a couple of weeks ago, but I have been watching some movies on AMC and I heard your song “terriblr things” on their commercial. I Immediately searched to try and find this song. Now I’m trying to hear more of your music and find out more about you and your band. I believe I’ll even by your album. And your twist on bottoms up…AWESOME!

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