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Asbury Lanes - Asbury Park, NJ - 12/11/10 - Hey Cole Holiday Show “Can’t Say No” featured in last night’s American Idol!
Dec 25

From today through the end of January, Songs For A Sinking Ship is available on Amazon MP3 for only $5! Cash in those holiday gift cards and download your copy here!

Photo by Matt Hoyle, Design by Two Arms, Inc.

2 Responses to “Amazon MP3’s Fill Your Player Sale”

  1. Rachel Says:

    Woohoo! Thank you Amazon. The $5 sale is how I learned about you and I love, love, love your music!!

    Thank you, Amazon, but (more importantly) thank you April + awesome band. :)

  2. Ginger Says:

    I might not of got the $5 sale on Amazon, but Songs For A Sinking Ship was worth full price! I love you April!

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