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Maxwells - Hoboken, NJ - 12/10/10 Asbury Lanes - Asbury Park, NJ - 12/11/10 - Hey Cole Holiday Show
Dec 11

Golly, what an honor! Amazon has chosen their Best of 2010 list and guess who’s on it??? I know it’s crazy, but it’s true! Like when you get caught between the moon and New York City. But in this case, the best that you can do is go here: Amazon’s Best of 2010

and then fall in love!

2 Responses to “I made Amazon’s “Best of 2010″ list!”

  1. g Says:

    Oh don’t act so surprised. You completely deserved it. Congratulations and lots of love!! g

  2. Daniel Says:

    It’s because of Amazon that I got a hold of your cd! I remember bearing Colors on the SWSX free 4gb download… and it was my fav of the over 1000+ songs. Now I’m all about seeing where your playing cause I need some LIVE action!


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