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Oct 29

Greg takes the subway. Larry plays the subway. Greg hears Larry covering April Smith. Greg says “I know April Smith”. Larry says “I heard April Smith on WFUV and she inspired me to write my own stuff”. Greg gets Larry’s cover on video and sends it to April Smith. April thinks this is the best compliment a girl could ever get. April wants to do a duet with Larry. Maybe Greg will get that on video too.

True Story


2 Responses to “Thanks to WFUV, Greg and Larry this happened…”

  1. Jerry Says:

    I’ll buy him a ticket to get to Williamsburg on Saturday!

  2. mary Says:

    whoa! i just came across this… i used to see this guy almost every night at the spring st. 6 train station. i always gave him money because i loved the way he sang. we started having conversations and though a bit off kilter, he could still belt out a tune. i would always request the eels “that look you give that guy” because it was so heartbreakingly beautiful. i don’t take that train anymore, so i haven’t seen larry in over a year. it’s nice to know he’s doing well and has kept up with his awesome tunes!

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