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Oct 21

Halloween is almost here and it’s the perfect time for a spooky video premiere! So head over to AOL SPINNER and be among the first to see the new music video for “Terrible Things.” Special thanks to director Ryan Stober, Lez Rudge at Nice Shoes and the incredible cast and crew for an AMAZING finished product. Let me know how you like it and pass it on to your friends too!

3 Responses to “AOL Spinner features “Terrible Things” music video!”

  1. erin & Nick Says:

    You have done it again!!! Absolutely Love when your creative juices flow!!! Wonderful! Beautiful! Amazing! And Nicholas loves the ska/reggae sound you guys have got going on in this Terrible Thing! ;) April Smith & the Great Picture Show ROCKS!!!

  2. Kitty Says:

    OMG you are so awesome. I love the end when Steve gets murdered. So proud of all your accomplishments. Keep on shining!!!!

  3. Synthia Higuchi Says:

    excellent post, I’m a drum teacher myself

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