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Oct 04

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In general, the idea of being sandwiched in between Rihanna and Lady Gaga doesn’t sound too shabby. But, being sandwiched in between their respective albums on the iTunes charts, sounds even better. Well, that’s exactly how it went down for Jersey born songstress APRIL SMITH and her band April Smith and the Great Picture Show. Though still completely unsigned, April’s massive fan base rallied together and catapulted her latest release, Songs For A Sinking Ship, to number fourteen on the charts. Not only did she surpass signed artists at this chart position, but she surpassed household names as well.

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One Response to “Seventeen Magazine’s “Unsigned Find”!”

  1. Barbara G Says:

    I discovered the band watching a video clip for the fashion house Eileen Fisher. I am in love! Order they’re CD on their own website…how cool is that. Original music. How refreshing. I am going to spread the word. yay! :-D

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