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Le Poisson Rouge - New York, NY - 08/11/10 - Opening for Eli “Paperboy” Reed It Must Be LOVE…We’re playing the US OPEN!!!
Aug 17

Hey friends!
You may have heard the Weeds/ The Big C commercial featuring “Terrible Things” on the radio lately. The ad has been airing on major stations across the country and we hope to get those stations to ad “Terrible Things” into their rotation. If you want to help, give your radio station a call and request it. Since the commercial will only run this week, the sooner the better. After you’ve requested the song, leave a comment on my website saying which station you called and you’ll be entered to win the limited edition Brooklyn Bowl poster! Here’s a list of stations that have already added the track:


KEZE-96.9 River
Spokane, WA

Sandpoint, ID

Request here!

KTAO-101.9 Solar Radio
Taos, NM

Central Ohio

WMMM-105.5 Triple M
Madison, WI

Ferndale, CA

Portland, OR

WNCS-104.7 The Point

WUIN-106.7 The Penguin
Wilmington, NC

Freedom, CA

KCLC-89.1 The Wood
St. Charles, MO

KZMV-106.3 Mountain Voice


29 Responses to “Help get “Terrible Things” on the radio and win a limited edition signed poster!”

  1. Becca Says:

    I requested to The River in Spokane (where I first learned of you when they were playing Colors) and also to the station KPND in Sandpoint, ID. I can never hear enough of your music! And was blessed to see you live and meet you in Spokane this summer.

  2. Rosendo Says:

    I requested Terrible Things to played at my favorite radio station here in the SF Bay Area. I’ll keep listening for you!

  3. Maria Says:

    I requested to the KHUM-104.7
    Ferndale, CA to play “terrible Things”

  4. Emily Says:

    I just requested it on KHUM too and they said “You got it; up next!”

  5. Emily Says:

    And what do ya know, it’s on now!!!

  6. Sharon Says:

    I just submitted the request to KINK in Portland OR. I’ve been curious why they haven’t put your music into their rotation so I welcomed your input about contacting them.

  7. Jen Says:

    I just requested the song on U93 in South Bend, IN. They need some fresh music, I hope they pick it (and you) up for the rotation!

  8. Steph Says:

    I just requested “Terrible Things” on 89.3 The Current in Minneapolis!

  9. Crystal Says:

    I requested it at 97.3 alice radio!

  10. Amy Says:

    I live in NYC and every station I’ve requested it on doesn’t have it :( I’m trying to help change that.

  11. carina Says:

    Requested on Spokane’s The River! I love hearing your tunes on the radio and can’t wait to see you live again :) First time i heard about you and saw you play was at the Knitting Factory with Fanfarlo, and i absolutely fell in love with your music! Thank you guys :)

  12. Jenna Pav Says:

    I requested Terrible things on 89.7 WTMD in Maryland… and it’s playing now!

  13. Ricky Kopp Says:

    I requested “Terrible Things” to WMC-FM 100 in Memphis, TN.
    Love that song. Now I love the whole album!

  14. nancy g Says:

    Heard the ad on MIKE FM in the Boston area! Next time I hear it I’ll be sure to call and make the request!

  15. Jim Kernohan Says:

    AS&GPS, (do you never get lost on the road because you have the GPS with you?) anyway, I’ve requested “terrible things” from WXRV here in Boston (where my daughter and I saw you last spring)(OK it was in Cambridge but close enough.) “The River, WXRV” is 92.5 on the FM dial. I’ve also given out copies of your disc to my lots of my friends, my mother loves it! Even my in-laws! scored big points with them too! Thanks!

  16. Rikki Says:

    Requested to 104.1 KRBE and Mix 96.5 in Houston. KLSU 91.1 FM and WFMF 102.5 FM in Baton Rouge.

    You know I love ya!

  17. Jeff Says:

    We love your “Songs for a sinking ship” album. Great alternative sound! Picked it up shortly after hearing you on Prairie Home Companion.
    Submitted the request to WMGN (98.1FM) in Madison WI. Come play for us sometime soon.

  18. Joel B Says:

    I requested on Triple M in Madison, when are you coming to play here, Joel

  19. John Wellborn Says:

    Requested station WAPE 95.1 FM, Jacksonville, FL via Twitter, 8/18/2010. 8^)

  20. admin Says:

    You guys are incredible!!! Thank you so much for requesting Terrible Things…greatly appreciated!



  21. Kelsey McClure Says:

    88.1 KDHX Saint Louis!

  22. Bonnie Says:

    Requested Terrible Things here in Charlotte, NC to play on 107.9 the link, I know it’s not on the list, however, I requested it WEEKS ago!! Can’t wait to hear y’all on the radio, y’all deserve it!!!

  23. Tawny Says:

    I sent a request to my radio station as well as most of them on your list lol. Along with
    KTAO-101.9 Solar Radio
    Taos, NM
    I hope they play you soon.

  24. Joan Cavanaugh Says:

    Hi April,
    I requested that WOBM play Terrible Things…..we’ll see!!!

  25. deb Says:

    You are AWESOME and EVERYONE should hear you. I contacted PA stations: WAVT - 101.9, Pottsville; WMGH - 105.5, Lansford; WMGK - 102.9, Philadelphia; and Penn’s Peak Radio, Jim Thorpe. It will be a treat to hear you on the radio. but we have REALLY been wanting to see you again live since we first saw you in Sellersville, PA.

  26. Courtny Says:

    Requested in Ferndale. Love you, love your music!

  27. Dan H Says:

    Evey time I here your on Spokanes River, I crack it way up. I just got out of the hospital when you were in Spokane at River Front Park, but I will not miss the next time you are in the area. Keep playing your music, I love it!

  28. Teri Says:

    Requested Terrible Things at the Sandpoint Station. I always listen to the River here in Spokane and they play you all the time. Huge Fan. I have friends in DC and I am insisting the see you on SEPT 2. Can’t wait to see you back here in Spokane when you get back this way.

  29. Rudy Reyes Says:

    Requested all your music be played on the Slacker internet
    radio station. Hope they listen.

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