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Fort Adams State Park - Newport, RI - 08/01/10 - Newport Folk Festival “Wow and Flutter” in a Colgate Wisps commercial!
Aug 02

…fear not! NPR has got you covered! You can hear our set from the festival if you go HERE

And while you’re at it, why not make a donation to NPR for bringing you such fantastic programming?

3 Responses to “If you missed Newport Folk Festival….”

  1. Alan Sax Says:

    April, You did a great set at Newport and tuned a whole new slice of fans into what you and the Great Picture Show are doing. Keep it going. I will be editing your interview when I can get back into the studio and get it on air ASAP on WMUA FM 91.1 on my show Blue Monday.


  2. davefromknoxville Says:

    Hi April,

    I am listening to the podcast of your Newport set; I love it. Looking forward to picking up your recordings. Lovely!

  3. Roger Says:

    Thanks to NPR I have just discovered your wonderful sound. great stuff. When is the world tour starting?


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