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Watch our performance from the Brooklyn Bowl! Limited Edition Posters!
May 20

9 Responses to “The Middle East Cafe - Cambridge, MA - 05/20/10”

  1. Kris Kossmann Says:

    April, we enjoyed your performance on NPR this past weekend. Congratulations on winning Garrison Keelers battle of the bands.

  2. Jim Kernohan Says:

    Dear AP&TGPS!
    Can’t wait to see you all again! Saw you last NYE with Amanda Palmer. I’m bringing all my friends! Can’t wait!

  3. Jim Kernohan Says:

    AS, (not AP as I posted above) (DOH!),
    Is the show at the Middle East all ages? Your website says yes but their web site says no. (I want to bring my daughter, she’s 15 and loved your music, esp. Stop Wondering)

  4. mgmt Says:

    Hi Jim - it’s actually an 18+ show. I’m going to reach out and see if it’s ok if you are with her it would be ok. You might want to do the same as well! Keep you posted!

  5. Jim Kernohan Says:

    I certainly will! (I just tried calling but they weren’t open yet.) Perhaps she can just stand outside and peer longingly through the window? or do you need a roadie? a dancer?

  6. Jim Kernohan Says:

    OK, I’m know I’m geeking about this but my daughter is going to be psyched! I just called the MiddleEast and they said if she is with me, she’ll be OK! Brilliant! See you all there and then! (I’ll be the guy with the daughter.)

  7. mgmt Says:

    Woo hoo!!

  8. Jim Kernohan Says:

    6 hours until showtime! Can’t wait!

  9. Jim Kernohan Says:

    oh, and woo hoo!

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