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NJPAC - Newark, NJ - 04/17/10 - Prairie Home Companion Battle of the Bands w/ Garrison Keillor New tour dates announced…and more to come!
Apr 18

Hi everyone!!!

I’ve been getting comments, posts, tweets and emails all day and I just want to thank you all! We were very honored to perform on A Prairie Home Companion and we are so grateful for your support! It has been a truly magnificent time for us and we can’t thank you enough for making us feel so special!

It seems that, after hearing the show, many of you purchased the album on my website, iTunes and Amazon. YOU MADE US NUMBER 15 on the iTunes POP CHARTS!! WOW, you really like us!

I hope you’ll all sign up for the mailing list so that you’ll know when we’re coming to your town! And please do follow us on Twitter too…we are @aprilsmithmusic, @thestevens, @martyokay and @nickydagostino.

Thanks again, friends. We can’t say it enough :)

All good things for you and yours,

April and the boys

20 Responses to “A Post-Prairie Home Companion “THANKS”!”

  1. Courtney Says:

    Hi april! My dad was the guitar player in Bumblin’ and Stumblin.. just want to say I didn’t vote for you (didn’t think you needed it lol) but I DO think you guys are AMAZING! Come play the Philly area!

  2. Brandon Says:

    I heard for the first time on PHC and I’m hooked. Congrats!

  3. Bill Says:

    Hey April, I heard all five bands for the first time on this weekend’s show. Your band was head-and-shoulders above the rest. You left the others in the prairie dust. Keep it up!

  4. Paul Says:

    April saw you live at PHC Saturday evening and heard the replay on my local PBS Station Sunday evening. Great band and magnificent voice, enjoy your future career!

  5. rob Says:

    Heard you guys on PHC on my way to work and bought your album on iTunes as soon as I got there. Great sound! When do you come to the DC area?

  6. Valorie Says:


  7. Lucca Says:

    Hey you guys! I love your style!!! And was it you guys singing “You Spin Me Round” in Brooklyn? I so want it to be you guys, I heard it on the radio, and I recognized April’s voice! If it was you guys, do you have a planned a recording of that song? Cause it was AWESOME!!!!!

  8. Chris Says:

    Heard you guys for the first time on NPR this weekend. You guys are awesome!

  9. Jim Says:

    You guys were a pleasant surprise on PHC, so much so, that I caught the program again on Sunday morning. You’ve gained fans all over the country — and in my case, sold another album.

  10. Phil Says:

    I too heard you for first time on Prairie Home. Couldn’t stop listening - iTuned your album and now my wife and daughter are listening too. Finally a fresh sound based on quality vocals, new ideas, and old sensibilities. Wish you could get to Texas.

  11. John Mullinax Says:

    Hi, Loved your performance on Prairie Home Companion — was SO DISAPPOINTED I couldn’t buy your album in the Zune Marketplace!

    Are you going to have your music there soon? (Please :) )

  12. Richard Connell Says:

    I heard you for the first time on the show, you are a pleasure, I purchased the album on I Tunes the next day. I live in Morristown-NJ is great-so is Brooklyn!

  13. Val Says:

    What can I say? I heard you on PHC on my way home from errands.
    My husband joined me in the car and we sat in the driveway and listened to your music!
    He insisted that we have your album, and we now do!

  14. Patti Baldus Says:

    Like so many others in the comments, I heard you for the first time on PHC while running errands….LOVE your voice and style…my whole family is hooked!!

  15. Jack Says:

    From a sixty seven yr old picker, classical, and your music is worth a Grammy or more. I listen you on PHC and played “Colors” so many times that is keeps running thru my brain day and nite. Get your band to San Diego, PLEASE. Garrison is coming on Aug23 you talk to him an I’ll write him so he can include you all. YOUR GREAT,

  16. Barbara Says:

    Which songs did you sing on the Prairie Home Companion? I was listening in the car to what I think was your first song and I was just blown away. Then I had to get out of the car, and I was so disappointed! Let me know the names of what you sang so I can buy them!

  17. Matt & Eryn Says:

    My daughter and I heard you on NPR on our way home from Grand Rapids, MI. What a unique sound! You gained two instant fans! Hope you can play somewhere in Michigan this summer maybe. We’ll keep our fingers crossed. you and your band are an amazing talent! You have a style all your own, and we have truly fallen in love with your music! You guys are just plain awesome!

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