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Bandito Southside - Huntsville, AL - 02/16/10 El Rey Theatre - Los Angeles, CA - 02/20/10 - w/ Fanfarlo
Feb 19

Hey mates,

It seems that folks are enjoying the album already! It’s been getting some great reviews and the artwork alone has been quite the topic…thanks to Matt Hoyle and Karen and Mike of Two Arms Inc! If you want to know what’s being discussed on the poopdeck, here are links to some of the recent chatter:

Eat Sleep Drink

2 Responses to ““Songs for a Sinking Ship” getting some love from the press!”

  1. Johnny Mac Says:

    Hear the “Colors” track this morning on KRCL…great tune! When you comin’ to SLC?

  2. Barabara Orlander Says:

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