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Jan 04

Drumroll please……

I am delighted and extremely honored to tell you that world-famous photographer and artist extraordinaire Matt Hoyle is the genius behind the album art for “Songs for a Sinking Ship”! Matt took the boys and I back in time for this magnificent image! Then he called on the dynamic duo of Karen Goheen and Mike Tabie of Two Arms Inc to design the packing. Originally, I was going to wait until just before the release to show you all the cover art. But I can’t keep it from you any longer. So here it is!

Remember, you can pre-order the album now and get 2 preview tracks plus a bonus track that will not be on the album. Click HERE to order you copy!

To see more of Matt Hoyle’s work, go to

To see more work by Karen and Mike, go to and

4 Responses to “The album art for “Songs for a Sinking Ship” revealed!”

  1. cate Says:

    while i like the cover art, i think a door would have been more in tune with a sinking ship. i mean where would you get a raft? but a door more than likely you could have in a panic ripped off with your fingernails from it’s hinges and floated to off on a safe journey.

    of course if you weren’t on the sinking ship and just floating by that is another story

  2. Henry Berry Says:

    I saw something about this topic on TV last night. Nice article.

  3. jeff bellar Says:

    That is a great cover. I just listened to the fantastic daytrotter session and loved it

  4. herbalecstacy Says:

    hey guys, we found this here after an quick yahoo search. Fine post you have here! Keep it up!

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