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Bangor Waterfront - Bangor, ME - 08/15/09 - KahBang Bowery Ballroom Debut and Matt Pinfield!
Aug 18

Thanks to everyone who has donated to my Kickstarter revolution…we’re almost there! If you haven’t joined the forces yet, I’ve got a little incentive for you. If you donate to my Kickstarter project AT ANY LEVEL you’ll get a FREE DIGITAL COPY of my EP, “Live From the Penthouse”! Kickstarter allows fans, like you, to fund the projects of artists, like me and get FANTASTIC REWARDS in return (Wanna be in my next music video??? Or have us play a house concert in your living room???). I’ll even make the EP available for download at the end of this week so you don’t have to wait until the project is over…See how you can help me make my next album at

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