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University of Delaware - Newark, DE - 04/22/09 - Solo Best of NYC Festival on Wednesday!
Apr 24

The IMA winners, including yours truly, are featured on a compilation called “Now Hear This”. It’s being played on the radio stations listed below! You should call and request “Colors” every day!!!

KAMP in Tuscon, AZ
KSCR in Los Angeles, CA
KCSS in Turlock, CA
KSSU in Sacramento, CA
WFCS in New Britain, CT
WQAQ in Hamden, CT
WSAM in Hartford, CT
WVOF in Fairfield, CT

WGTB in Washington, DC
WOSP in Jacksonville, FL
URH in Hilo, HI
KALA in Davenport, IA
KRNL in Mt. Vernon, IA
KRUI in Iowa City, IA
KZOW in Forest City, IA
KBSU in Boise, ID
WIDB in Carbondale, IL
WRBU in Peoria, IL
WFPK in Louisville, KY
Lasell College Radio in Newtown, MA
SFR in Boston, MA
WECB in Boston, MA
WRUB in Amherst, MA
WSCW in Worcester, MA
WKHS in Worton, MD
XTSR in Towson, MD
WDET in Detroit, MI
KUMM in Morris, MN
WMCN in St. Paul, MN
KSLU in St. Louis, MO
KGLT in Bozeman, MT
WKNC in Raleigh, NC
WDBK in Blackwood, NJ
WFDU in Teaneck, NJ
WPRB in Princeton, NJ
KRUX in Las Cruces, NM
WBSU in Brockport, NY
WSVA in New York, NY
WWSU in Dayton, OH
KRSC in Claremore, OK
WCLH in Wilkes Barre, PA
WDCV in Carlisle, PA
WEXP in Philadelphia, PA
WPTS in Pittsburgh, PA
WSYC in Shippensburg, PA
WXVU in Villanova, PA
KTRL in Stephenville, TX
KWCW in Walla-Walla, WA
KWRS in Spokane, WA
WCCX in Waukesha, WI
WSRI in Eau Claire, WI
WSUM in Madison, WI
WSUP in Platteville, WI
WMUL in Huntington, WV

CIXS in Montreal
CRAM in Toronto, ON

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