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Indiana University of Pennsylvania - Indiana, PA - 04/09/09 - w/ Sara Bareilles Obama’s first speech in Europe…and I was right there!
Apr 14

Did you know that my site is hosted by a green web hosting company called Host Papa? Did you happen to see the vintage hankies available at my merch table? I’m doing all kinds of things to promote a greener way of life. What are YOU doing to be “greener”? Leave a comment telling me how you’re doing your part to lessen your carbon footprint and I’ll send you a link to a FREE Download! It’s Mr. F’s marvelous mash up of Colors (original track produced by Dan Romer)! A mash up is kind of like recycling, isn’t it? Neato!
Here’s my tip…

As a musician, I burn a lot of promo CDs to hand out. What’s left behind but a spool and a clear plastic case? A nifty hat stand for your favorite cap!

Just take the clear plastic cylinder and cut a whole in the top, middle section as shown. Be careful with that craft knife! It helps if you can heat the knife over a candle, as it cuts through the plastic easier.

April Smith Hat Stand

Then turn it upside down and slide it over the spool. You can even adjust the height.

April Smith Hat Stand

I like to stuff them with waste tissue paper to help the hats keep their shape.

April Smith Hat Stand

April Smith Hat Stand

And that is how you do that!

14 Responses to “Free Download for Earth Day!”

  1. Emily Says:

    I’ve been bringing those cloth tote bags with me to the grocery store. It saves me from using those wasteful plastic bags!

  2. Bunny Says:

    For one Ive been recycling my plastic grocery bags and buying the cloth ones, second, we have a ‘green team’ at work and Ive cut out using styrofoam (the stuff is evil) and using a refillable mug and water jug. GO Green!!

  3. Janine Says:

    The wasteful plastic bags, for times I forget my cloth bags, are always reused for lining my little garbage cans and disposing of my bottles, jugs and other recyclable (sp.?) items. I also use washable dishes to bring my lunch instead of using ziplocks or other plastic bags. I also recycle my clothes…they go to my sisters. :) Miss you April!

  4. Selena Says:

    I do not leave the water running when I brush my teeth! : )

  5. Alyssa Says:

    I changed all my light bulbs to energy efficient ones and at the restaurant I work at we now compost! I also talked them into buying biodegradable to go bags, cup & containers! We now even have straws made out of corn!

  6. Gio Bruno Says:

    Now that the weather’s getting warmer, I’m riding my all-electric scooter to work! See:

  7. Gio Bruno Says:

  8. Brent Miller Says:

    I changed all my light bulbs to the E-efficent ones. (then I had to go back to the old ons =( (they burn out too fast/ biggest wast of $$$) now that Colorado’s weather is warmer I walk alot more. Now I can loose wt Buy new jeans and keep the people @ Kohls employed. Right???? =)

  9. Carolina from Spain Says:

    Hola Ape! GREAT PICS!!!
    i work for a hotel chain that has a special program its called “comunity footprints” and we at work, besides recicle all paper, we have had the opportunity to plant a special type of tree that’s already very difficult to find. We have been doing this for almost a year and succesfully, we have planted about 100 trees already!
    If you ever come and visit me, i will take you there! ^-^
    Ps: take a quick look here:

    Love across the ski always for you my dear friend! :-)

  10. Tetsuo Shima Says:

    I decrease carbon footprint by upgrading our servers from old inefficient high powered servers to new and improved lower power servers. Not to mention their reduced energy consumption, they are also smaller, and they are MUCH quieter than our old ones! It doesn’t sound like an airport anymore. LOL :-)

  11. Molly Says:

    I am trying to use green cleaning products as much as possible — for example, with a mold problem in our house, we use a product that kills and prevents mold yet is not harmful to the environment and is 100% green! (It’s called Conchrobium Mold Control.)

    I am also using bioidentical, nature-derived hormonal supplements as opposed to synthetic, lab-created birth control pills. Go nature!

    I love your stuff, April, you’re amazing!

  12. Hannah Says:

    The concept of those CD spools as hat holders is really neat! I should try that for some hats I don’t want losing their shape.

    As far as green goes…

    • I take canvas shopping bags everywhere I go, and a lot of stores appreciate that. Less plastic, right?

    • When I’m not using electronic appliances, I try to unplug them – I’ve read that doing that can drastically cut down on electricity usage. (Even when things are off, they sometimes leach power.)

    • I turn on the air conditioning only when it’s over ninety degrees or so and there’s no wind; when it’s too hot too cool off the house otherwise.

    • My front lawn isn’t grass any more; it’s an awesome garden contraption of native plants, other drought-tolerant vegetation, and decorative rock. There’s still some grass left, but its days are numbered… ;)

    • Biodegradable products! Wherever it’s possible I try to use those. Cleaning products, household products, hygiene products… you name it, I’ve probably tried to use, use, or am looking for it!

    • Organic foods where I can. They’re a little pricey, but there’s such a difference in taste and texture – and they’re so much better for the earth and the water table, it’s not even funny.

    • Vegetarianism. I have nothing against people who eat meat! I really don’t. But the meat production process leaves such a huge carbon footprint. (Did you know it takes eight pounds of corn to produce one pound of beef? Most of the corn production is destined for feedlots; that’s why it’s such a popular crop.)

    • Speaking of that, I try to avoid corn where I can. It’s grown in a lot of places, but the problem is that there’s only one strain! So there’s a huge lack of biodiversity in commercial crops, which is damaging to the environment, too. Monocropping makes the plants weaker and more dependent on harmful insecticides, herbicides, and fungicides.

    • Reduce, reuse, recycle! I hardly ever throw anything away. Find out what your local area’s recycling programs are! Most of them will take more than you think.

    • Efficient light bulbs! I find they have a nicer tone of light, too.

    That’s about all, I guess! I do what I can, though, and I try to encourage other people to do what they think is also good for the planet. If everybody does a little bit, it’ll help in the long run… and a little’s better than nothing, right? :D

  13. Dylan Thomas Says:

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