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The Four Seasons - Austin, TX - 03/20/09 - SXSW BMI/Billboard Brunch (Acoustic Band)- invite only, private party The Strand Theater - Lakewood, NJ - 03/27/09 - Songwriters By The Sea Series Special Edition!
Mar 26

Our 30+ hour drive to and from SXSW was totally worth it. Check out some photos from the festival!

First I met up with Jamil from BMI before a quick video interview for…

Jamil and April

Then I played a couple shows, including the Thru Windows Canon Records party at Fado…


…and we played the BMI brunch at the Four Seasons on Saturday…

Adina April, Glenda

And I got to see the Little Ones at the Atlantic/Chop Shop party!


We were at the Coffee No Pants party…which DID NOT have Coffee but DID have pants.

April, Adina, Selena, Diana

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