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The Goldhawk - Hoboken, NJ - 01/21/09 NJPAC - Newark, NJ - 01/24/09 - Solo
Jan 22

In honor of the great Martin Luther King, our new president called on all of us to devote some time to a service in our community. I walked shelter dogs in Brooklyn for Obama! Check out Greg…he’s a terrier mix at BARC shelter on N. 1st and Wythe in Williamsburg Brooklyn. He is one of the many dogs who need homes. Can you adopt Greg? Maybe you can sponsor a needy dog or cat? Perhaps you have an hour or two on the weekends to walk a dog or sit with the cats in the cat room? There are so many things you can do…check out the other doggies, kitties and rabbits that need homes too!

Visit BARC’s site here!


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