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Jan 06

Hey fancy people! 2009 is finally here. Shoot, it feels like 2008 was shot out of a cannon and lasted a minute! Alas, we are forced to reflect on the years passed and resolve to do things we may or may not do. So here goes!

I have a bunch of New Year’s Resolutions. I figure that having a bunch makes at least one or two more likely to happen. Here they are, in no particular order:

1. To go to more shows and see bands that I haven’t seen live yet and lots of my favorites that I haven’t seen in a loooong time
2. To become a vigilante crime stopper in my Brooklyn neighborhood….crooks beware!
3. To set aside more creative time, even if it
4. To exercise with Scout, my dog, more often…she’s starting to get a booty!
5. To learn to play piano, even though I’ll still leave it to to the professional, Brandon “Hugs” Lowry
6. To get my bus 100% road ready and successfully do a whole tour on vegetable oil
7. To blog more often so you can all know what I’m thinking, even if it’s just that I really want a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a glass of chocolate milk at 7 am
8. To hang out with my band mates more often because those guys are super cool

Alright, now it’s your turn….post your resolutions below!


4 Responses to “My New Year’s Resolution”

  1. Mike Finkel Says:

    1) Hang out more with April Smith this year
    2) Record with April Smith this year (maybe soon? like before your tour…call me)
    3) Go to more shows with Max and Anne and help support live music in Texas (and beyond)
    4) Help out my music (and non music friends) whenever possible, focusing on good musicians that are great people
    5) Complete the massive revision/redesign of the software and get a final copy out for the world to see
    6) Finish an album or EP, at least, for Hello India Calling
    7) Be involved with more virtual recording projects. I enjoy that.
    8) Continue eating healthy and taking care of myself. There are, it seems, a lot fo people that want me to be around for a while
    9) Continue to to learn/grow/listen/think. Be open to hearing and trying to understand all sides of issues and respect people with different views (well unless they’re just totally crazy or hurting others)
    10) Enjoy life
    BONUS 10b- go see my dad, it’s been a while

  2. Peter Langstaff Says:

    Not to make any New Year’s resolutions. Which I guess I haven’t kept by making that one?

  3. ERIC BURING Says:

    I think the only resolution would be to give up anything to be free. Mind body and soul free. April Smith has a free soul, maybe I should be more like her in 2009.

  4. Trent & Jo Says:

    I love your #1 resolution! We did 11 shows with 19 bands in 2008 (both large & small, Plant/Krauss to Shawn Mullins) and are already for 2009 with Leon Russell, John/Joel & good ole Willie!

    Plus, I’m happy to say we’ll see you (for the first time) on Valentine’s Day in Charlotte NC!

    You look like the coolest young lady! Hope 2009 is great for you, and your family of friends!

    Trent & Jo
    Salisbury & High Point NC

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