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McCabe’s - Santa Monica, CA - 12/12/08 Noe Valley Ministry - San Francisco, CA - 12/13/08
Dec 13

On our way out of Texas, we decided to check out the famous “Cadillac Ranch”. It’s an art installation on route 40 West in Amarillo, Texas. We stayed with my good friend Mike and his wife Anne and son Max in Dallas and had the best time!
They all suggested that we stop there to break up the 11 hour drive to Santa Fe, New Mexico. We drove through some really desolate areas…some were even little ghost towns, complete with tumbleweeds (tumbleweeds be up in my grill!).

We got there right as the sun began to set. There, in the middle of a field, 7 Cadillacs spay painted every shade of neon stuck out of the ground. But the best part was the herd of cattle hanging out near the caddys. One, who I named Bernard, came right up to me for a photo and a quick interview.
We topped off the visit with a sticker to commemorate the our pilgrimage.  As we drove away we saw this sign on the side of the road… we stopped in for a visit. Met a dude named Norman who takes care of his mother. Real nice guy…likes taxidermy. We would have stayed if we didn’t have to be in Santa Fe. He said the showers have “bloody great water pressure”. It’s nice to know some people still make a killing off of these small businesses. I’ll be sure to stop by next time and meet your mom, Norm!

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