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Santa Fe Brewing Co. - Santa Fe, NM - 12/08/08 The Rhythm Room - Phoenix, AZ - 12/09/08
Dec 09

Michelle, my fellow road warrior, and I decided to stop in New Orleans on the way to Houston on Monday. We drove straight there from New Jersey and got in on Tuesday evening. We were totally exhausted and needing showers, not to mention STARVING for some Louisiana cooking. Luckily, our friends Rob and Katie had room for us. They also have 2 Pugs, Bugsy and Maizey, who gave me some much needed dog love to start things out right.

Then were took a short walk around the neighborhood before dinner at Jacques-Imo’s Cafe. While walking on South Carrollton, we met this Painter named Thomas. He had 20 or so paintings for sale on the sidewalk next to Mona’s. His art is undeniably the best I’ve seen in years! I loved it so much that I bought 3 pieces from him. Who knows…maybe he’ll do my next album cover. His full name is Thomas D. Ward III and he could be my favorite artist ever. Check out one of the pieces I bought:

After a hearty southern meal at Jacques-Imo’s (where we happened to be dining next to memebers of the Phoenix Suns) we returned to Rob and Katie’s for some pug-spit kisses. Reluctantly, we headed out to¬† Houston the next day. Next time I go back to New Orleans, I’ll need a good week to see everything and maybe meet some vampires too.

2 Responses to “New Orleans”

  1. New Orleans Ladder Says:

    Careful, April. Next time you drop by New Orleans you’re probably going to stay. I can see it already. It always starts like this: a quick trip through the city… a meal, some artwork…dog kisses… yeah, your’re French toast, Honey.

    Welcome Home!
    Editilla~New Orleans Ladder

  2. Amanda Says:

    April, I definitely agree with the comment above! How could you only stay for one night?? Listening to your music makes me definitely think you belong here.

    P.S. I visited for a night two summers ago and now I’ve been living here for nearly a year.

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